Bill Pay for Consumers

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Save time, stamps and frustration with our online bill pay service.  

  • Bill Pay makes paying bills online easy.  Service available through our PrinsBank App too!
  • It is a convenient service that enables you to receive, view, and pay your bills from one centralized place, saving you time and simplifying your life.
  • Same-day and next-day payment options available.
  • Streamlines billing operations.
  • Some billers can send your bills directly to Bill Pay, where you can view and pay each bill without ever handling a single piece of paper. If you choose, you can also receive an e-mail that tells you when Bill Pay has received your latest bill.
  • In addition to paying each bill when you receive it, you can set up automatic payments so that Bill Pay pays your bills for you. No more scheduling, no more remembering, no more worrying about missed payments. The automatic payment option takes care of everything for you!

Start using today--log into your Online Banking account!